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Our mission is to bring to market the best tune files period.  Our knowledge combined with co-operative projects with various European associates have allowed us to meet the increasing demand for ECU refinement.

We are proud distributers of

QUALITY Remap Service

  • Increased Horsepower
  • Increased Torque
  • Smooth feeling like the manufacturer intended
  • Optimized for Premium Fuel
  • Increased Limits (if desired)
  • Improved fuel efficiency

MPPS ECU Flashing Cable for Dealers

  • OBD Read / Write many ECU's
  • Tricore module for iROM boot EDC17 / MED17 with Infineon TC17xx
  • VAG Password Read TPROT (Tuning Protection TP10+)
  • FRF / SGO Extraction of BIN and OBD unlock.
  • Multiboot option for Marelli ECUS
  • Stand Alone, Master and Slave Cables available.

Powergate User End Programmer

  • Cost effective 
  • Easy to use Touch Screen
  • DTC Code Reader (Reads P-Codes)
  • By-Pass TPROT (Tuning Protection) on most ecus.
  • Return your vehicle to factory programming when loaning out, selling or servicing
  • Programmer holds up to 5 Software for consumer that wishes track vs street tune (Custom packages available)

V-Loader ME7.x Flashing Software (For Volvo)

  • Load with a Genuine Volvo Vida Dice® or Compatable Hardware
  • Load from home by OBD2 Port
  • Supports Volvo ME7.0 / ME7.01 (ME7.x) engine ecus

Custom Solutions

  • IMMO OFF / DEKETE (Used Computer or Stand Alone)
  • VIN / IMMO CLONE (Used Computer or Multi Computer)
  • DTC Code Delete *
  • DPF Delete *
  • EGR Delete *
  • SCR Adblue Delete *
  • Rear o2 Sensor Delete *
  • MAF Delete *